An interview with Tara Cahill,
Bacardi USA's MA/RI State Manager,
on running the Boston Marathon

You ran the Boston Marathon in 2016 AND 2017.  What got you interested in running it in the first place?

Every year since I started working at Bacardi, we have been doing events along the Boston Marathon route and down on the finish line. We would be there at all the bars on Boylston Street, the Bacardi girls would be promoting, and I loved watching the runners come across the finish line. 

Louanne (my boss at the time) and I would watch everyone come across the finish line and say that next year, we would run in the Marathon. But then, of course, the next year came, we would have more cocktails, and end up not running it!

Bacardi was doing a promotion along the finish line in 2013, the year of the bombing.  That was an awful experience for everyone so I was inspired to run the Marathon in 2014, but became pregnant with my daughter Brooklyn and couldn't.  So in 2016 I was determined to run it.

I'd run half marathons, but never a full marathon. I always knew if I was going to run any marathon, it would have to be Boston. I went to school at Boston College, and we'd be in Cleveland Circle and up on the Hill at BC watching the runners, young and old, every Marathon Monday. I loved the energy of that day & always thought that maybe I could do it. 

Tara-FinishLine-2016.jpg2016 was the first year I committed to running the Boston Marathon. I raised money for the American Red Cross.  My best friend and I signed up together through different charities, but four weeks into training, my friend realized she was pregnant so she had to bow out.  She met me at the finish line and said “how about next year?”  At that point I was a bit sore, so I told her I’d think about it...and not long afterwards I said yes to running 2017!

How do you train for it?
It’s challenging with my job, and I have two kids.  I try to get up very early on weekdays to gets runs in.  Then on the weekends, we do longer runs.  Right now we’re at 18 miles, and we basically do 20-22 miles before the Boston Marathon.  It is a big time commitment, and my husband watches the kids every Saturday for 2-3 hours while I go out and run.

Wow, that’s inspirational. And also, sounds exhausting!
It helps with the industry that we’re in, seeing that we’re always out at events during the day.  Running balances it out, on the healthy side of things. Even after the 2016 Marathon was over, I stuck with a structured exercise plan just because our work schedules are so unstructured, it’s good to fit it in somehow. It’s a nice breather actually.  My friend and I usually don’t run with music.  We both have families, and it’s truly therapeutic to run quietly after dealing with a week of work and family!
Besides the health benefits and stress relief of training, what is your favorite part of the Boston Marathon?
Marathon Monday is the best day in the city.  Running through every town center:  Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton, and into Boston – the energy’s fantastic!  Seeing the young kids, the families, the college kids – everyone’s out and excited, and it makes running so much fun. 

Before running the Boston Marathon my first time, I had never gone through Wellesley, by Wellesley College. The “scream tunnel” is a street lined with trees that basically trap the sound from everyone’s cheering with music playing and it echoes; it’s such a cool energy. 

And of course, running through BC was exciting, seeing the school and everyone out.  I think it’s probably more fun to be on their side of the fence, having a drink, but it’s still really fun. To me it’s the best day in Boston. 

Where would you suggest going to have a cocktail if you’re not running?
There are so many good spots.  There are so many people and places along the way and, basically, you can find a cocktail wherever you go!  When you get closer to Boston, Cleveland Circle has all the bars right there on the route where people are out watching and having drinks.  Everything through Brookline and down into Boyslton Street are great areas too. 

In past years, when I was a spectator and got to drink cocktails along the route, we would go to Lir, Globe, Charlesmark, and Dillon’s on Boylston; these are the best spots to just have a drink and watch the race.  Also Cleveland Circle, up on the patio over at Cityside. 

What’s recovery like? Do you relax with a drink?
After we finished 2016, I went right over to Charlesmark where we were having a Bacardi promotion.  I did sip on a Rum Runner (probably wasn’t the best idea for hydration), and I sat and watched the event while my legs recovered.  It was really fun, and after running 26 miles, you can have a rum runner or two - especially if it’s a Bacardi one!

All of us at Bacardi & Horizon Beverage wish the thousands of other runners all the best for the 122nd running of The Boston Marathon. 
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And for those of you cheering on the Boston Marathon runners with a drink in hand, here are a few Bacardi Cocktails you can make!

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