June 12, 2017

Why Canned Wine

So you ask, "WHY canned wine? Is it any good?" Our wine team is here to assure you that wine in a can CAN go anywhere and more importantly, tastes great too! 


Why Choose Canned Wine?

  • NO glassware needed
  • NO corkscrew needed
  • Lightweight
  • Portable & packable
  • Reduced carbon footprint compared to glass bottle production
  • The most recycled beverage containers in the world
  • Reduced waste


Is canned wine good?

  • Canned wine has great quality as well as preserves freshness
Does Canned wine have metallic taste?
  • No, the can does not effect the taste of the wine

How many "glasses" of wine in a can?

  • 500ml = 3.3 glasses of wine
  • 375ml = 2.5 glasses of wine
  • 250ml = 1.7 glasses of wine
So now that you're psyched up to bring canned wine to the beach, boating, a backyard BBQ, or a picnic in the park, check out Horizon's lineup from Flip Flop Wines, House Wine, and Social Sparkling Wine!

Flip Flop Wines


  • Fizzy Chill Red – Light bodied red with jammy flavors of dark cherry, raspberry and plum

  • Fizzy Sangria – A sweet citrus blend with notes of orange, lemon and lime

  • Fizzy Pink Moscato – Light bodied blush moscato with honey aromas & passionfruit flavor

  • Fizzy Rose – A Semi Sweet Rose with notes of Elderberry and floral flavors

  • Fizzy Crisp White – Light and refreshing, with fruity and floral aromas

  • Fizzy Moscato – A light body Moscato with floral aromas and juicy fruit flavors​

House Wine


  • Red Blend - Red currant aromas promise the juicy red fruit delivered to the middle palate and a lengthy, velvety finish.

  • Chardonnay - Aromas of creamy apple backed by citrus introduce mouth-filling, sumptuous flavors of peach and ripe Asian pear, complemented by hints of toasty vanilla. The wine finishes crisply with a burst of pineapple.

  • ​Rose - Fresh and fragrant aromas lead to a wonderfully bright palate. Flavors of juicy citrus and ripe strawberry are rounded out by a refreshingly crisp finish.

​Social Sparkling Wine

We also have canned wine from Tiamo, Simi, and Woodbridge to name a few more!

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