Italian Wine Trade Only Classes

Learn Italian wine 

at Horizon Beverage Company
(Trade Only Educational classes)

If you work in the restaurant/retail trade and want to learn more about one of the most fascinating wine countries, Italy, this FREE Italian Wine Trade Only 3-Class Series has been created for you.

Led by Ciro Pirone, IWS, IWA, you will learn the foundation of Italian wines, covering every one of the 20 regions that make Italy so unique, special and exciting to discover:

January 23rd - Il Sud e le Isole (Southern Italy and the Islands)

February 27th - Il Centro (Central Italy)

March 13th - Il Nord (Northern Italy)

Join us for all the 3 classes, complete a small test and the best will WIN a copy of Italian Wine Unplugged, the most up-to-date book on Italian Wine Grapes out there!

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