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Meet the Maker - John Anthony Family of Wines

"Meet the Maker" is an original video series produced by Horizon Beverage. In each video we tap into the passions and spirits behind some of the best makers in the country.

Meet John Anthony Truchard, founder and CEO of John Anthony Family of Wines. Brought up on the grape growing side of the business, John shares with us how he brought his vision to life - from dirt to bottle.

In our video series “Meet the Maker,” John reveals that the underlying thread across the entire portfolio of John Anthony Family of Wines is the quality of grapes and attention to detail in winemaking while infusing different aspects of his personality into each brand.

The source of John's passion is really being involved with everything from the planting of the vineyards to the growing of the grapes, the soil, the quality of the farming, the sales and marketing where the ultimate prize is seeing people enjoy his wines with a smile on their face.

Join us on a tour of one of John's prized hilltop vineyards then we'll head to downtown Napa to party at JaM Cellars Tasting Room, sipping wine and dancing to the killer beats of a local band.  Watch the video now!

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