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Meet the Maker - Thomas Tew Rum

"Meet the Maker" is an original video series produced by Horizon Beverage. In each video we tap into the passions and spirits behind some of the best makers in the country.


Meet Brent Ryan, co-owner of Newport Craft Distilling Co. and master distiller of Thomas Tew Rum. Since 2005, Brent has crafted his sweet spirit in Newport, Rhode Island. Horizon Beverage has helped Brent and his team grow their business across the state.

In our video series “Meet the Maker,” we discover the passion this craft distiller has for his job and his rum. Join us as we follow Brent on the production floor in his rum distillery and watch how he blends science and art to create an incredible craft.

Brent brings his biochemistry background and his love for traditional distilling to Thomas Tew, and he shows us his unique twist on barrel aging. You’ll delight in his dedication to perfection and admire the love he has for his rum.

For Horizon Beverage, the passion our partners put into every bottle they sell makes them true craftsmen, and we can’t wait for you to meet this one-of-kind craft distiller. Watch the video now!

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