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Meet the Maker - Newport Storm Beer

"Meet the Maker" is an original video series produced by Horizon Beverage. In each video we tap into the passions and spirits behind some of the best makers in the country.

Put on your rubber sole boots and hit the production floor with Derek Luke, co-owner of Newport Craft Brewing Co. and brewmaster of Newport Storm beer. In our video series “Meet the Maker,” we profile Derek, a man whose passion and energy for crafting a delicious beer are apparent in every move he makes.

Every day Derek wakes up and pushes himself further, trying to find new ways to be more efficient and more creative with his brews. In the thick of the action, this beer brewer isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and get dirty. In fact, he loves that part of the job.

Since 1999 Derek Luke has crafted unique and delicious beers in Newport, Rhode Island. Horizon Beverage has been with him and his team since the beginning, ensuring every bottle reaches beer lovers across the state.

Discover for yourself how Derek’s passion, energy and good humor combine in this incredible man and unique maker. Watch the video now!
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