Why Canned Wine

"Is canned wine GOOD?"

Our wine team is here to assure you that wine in a can CAN go anywhere and more importantly, tastes great too. Facts first, then fun canned wine from Horizon's portfolio! [Updated 2021]

Is canned wine good?

  • Americans Favorite Summer Outdoor ActivitiesCanned wine has great quality as well as preserves freshness

Does canned wine have a metallic taste?

  • No, the can does not effect the taste of the wine


Why Choose Canned Wine?

  • Take Canned Wine AnywhereNO glassware needed

  • NO corkscrew needed

  • Lightweight

  • Portable & packable

  • Reduced carbon footprint compared to glass bottle production

  • The most recycled beverage containers in the world

  • Reduced waste

How many "glasses" of wine are in a can?

  • 500ml can = 3.3 glasses of wine

  • 375ml can = 2.5 glasses of wine

  • 250ml can = 1.7 glasses of wine

So now that you're psyched up to bring canned wine to the beach, boating, a backyard BBQ, or a picnic in the park, check out Horizon's lineup!


Ah-So Rosé Canned Wine

Ah-So Rosé is 100% Garnacha from the organically farmed family vineyards of the Lopez de Lacalle family in Navarra, Spain. The Vineyards are located in the town of Artazu between 450 and 500 meters of altitude, laid on clay-limestone soils.

Ava Grace Canned WineAva-Grace-Canned-Wine.jpg

  • Ava Grace Pinot Grigio Cans - vibrant Pinot Grigio with notes of citrus, peach, and honeysuckle

  • Ava Grace Rose Cans - delicious Rosé with notes of red berries, apricot, and watermelon


House Wine Cans


  • Brut Bubbles

  • Camo Red 

  • Chardonnay

  • Pinot Noir 

  • ​​Rainbow Bubbles

  • ​Rose 

  • ​​Red Blend

  • ​​Rose Bubbles​

  • Sauvignon Blanc


​Social Sparkling Sake Wine in a Can
Available in Hibiscus Cucumber, Elderflower Apple, Pink Grapefruit Ginger, and Toasted Coconut Almond varietals


Spellbound Canned Wines

  • Rose - A Barbera-based blend with flavors of tangerine marmalade, lemon drop candy, tart kiwi and cranberry compote

  • ​Petite Syrah - Has an intense color and generous bouquet of rich blackberries and blueberries, vanilla bean and roasted coffee, all in a remarkably approachable glass

  • Chardonnay - Its medium body and bright acidity features lush tropical fruit flavors with notes of vanilla and classic crème brûlée


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