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Joe LaRocca

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Need to Know: Presenting a New Product to NH Commission

Here's what you need to know when presenting a new product to the New Hampshire Commission

There are an astonishing 18,412 different product SKUs in New Hampshire through the New Hampshire Liquor Commission! The state warehouse carries thousands of items for consumers, restaurants, and retailers above & beyond what is available in the New Hampshire State Liquor & Wine Outlet stores. New Hampshire is open for business and very accessible if you just ask a few questions and pay attention to the details.
The Commission needs:

  1. Price quotation

  2. A sample of the label with a copy of the label approval

  3. Product specifications

    1. Quantity per case

    2. Weight per case

    3. Quantity per pallet

    4. Quantity per tier of the pallet

    5. UPC Code # (on bottle)

    6. SEC Code # (on case)

While there are no guarantees that the Commission will approve your product, Horizon Beverage can help guide you through this process. Hopefully you’ll be off to the races before you know it and get your product into the hands of consumers as part of New Hampshire’s special order process.
To find out how to get your product on the shelves of the New Hampshire State Liquor & Wine Outlet stores, stay tuned for my next post.

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