Our Sustainable Business Practices

Family means a great deal to Horizon Beverage—the employees we work side-by-side with daily,
our families at home as well as our extended family across the communities we serve.

We believe in following environmentally friendly, carbon-reducing sustainable business practices to make the world a better place for all of our families.

    •    Recycling Programs: paper and cardboard, glass, plastic
    •    Paperwork Reduction Campaign
    •    Motion Sensitive Lighting throughout our facilities
    •    Bottle Redemption (over 30 million bottles annually)

Sunpower: Solar Power Roof Initiative

During Fall 2016 Horizon Beverage will be completing the installation of a SunPower 327W Solar Panel System to offset carbon emmissions and increase energy efficiency at our Norton, MA facility.

Made in the USA, SunPower brand solar panels produce more energy in a weight-constrained space than any other roof system available today. Horizon's solar panel system will generate 1 Megawatt annually.

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